Here goes nothing.... A leap of faith, a thank you and on a more serious note a covid update.

This is my first ever blog, please go easy on me!

I want to start by saying a big heartfelt thank you to everyone who has supported Dimples Baby Boutique to date. I am very grateful to have your support and so proud of myself for taking the leap and starting my business. I actually had to pinch myself when my first order came through and literally did a happy dance. You will all have seen the meme about small businesses and an actual person doing a happy dance, let me tell you its true! I was that actual person!

I am really happy to be working with all the brands I have selected so far (Zoocchini, Fabelab, Baby Wisp & Lulujo), finding 100% organic cotton clothes and toys for babies and toddlers was really important to me. Since launching in July I have been desperately awaiting the arrival of my Turtledove London baby and toddler clothes. I have been counting down the days and even set a calendar reminder for 17th August - as if it would have slipped my mind! Stock delivery day.

Last week I met with the Turtledove London team for a Spring Summer 2021 buyers meeting, if only to tease me more and make me long for my current order even more. I think I keep forgetting its not actually for me but for Dimples Baby Boutique and all of you!!

This morning I routinely checked my emails with a cup of tea while my boys eat their Scottish porridge and sang "I like to eat eat eat apples and mananas (baby talk for bananas!). I had a stock update email and quickly opened it and scan read it for anything telling me when my order was going to deliver. Quickly I realised that, yes it was a stock update just not the one I was hoping for.

Covid-19 has been beyond devastating for the world, that sentence doesn't even sum up the catastrophe the world has faced so far this year. Being in my little twin bubble and enjoying the summer with my boys, can make it easy to sometimes "forget" that Covid-19 is still very much a real thing and still turning the world upside down and inside out.

The beautiful baby clothes I was longing for (which put in prospective seems silly) are made in a factory in India by incredibly talented individuals. Due to Covid-19 related issues the factory is now running 3 weeks behind and therefore all orders including mine are 3 weeks behind.

I wanted to write an update and let you all know where you stood with the clothes you have ordered. I know like me you are excited to receive the items you've purchased and this weighed on my mind this morning. In these times everyone is showing more patience and understanding, which is amazing. Everyone is rolling with it a little more and adapting as best they can. To everyone I contacted and updated today, thank you for being kind and understanding.

The Turtledove London baby and toddler clothes are available on the website to pre-order and delivery will be in the 1st week of September.

Thank you for making it through to the end of my first blog! Thank you for your understanding with the delivery dates. Thank you for your support towards Dimples Baby Boutique and for your orders. Thank you for loving trendy, organic kids clothes as much as I do.

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Before I say goodbye I would quickly like to tell you a fab fab fab, gorgeous (one of my fav) baby brands is launching with me very soon!!

Thanks for reading.

Nadia xx

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