Wondering why I picked Wondersuits for Dimples Baby Boutique?

Dimples Baby Boutique's newest brand, Bonds Australia will be launching in September, offering the comfiest baby clothes at affordable prices. Their star products are the #Wondersuits which are zipped baby onesies. These first came to my attention 5 years ago, when my niece Maia was born. Maia is pictured below at 2 months old in her first Wondersuit and at 2 years old still rocking her Wondersuit all the cuteness ever!

My sister in law is Australian Indonesian and Wondersuits are a staple in her baby wardrobe. I remember her raving about them: the ease of use, how the double zip made life so much easier over poppers, the stretch of the fabric and not to mention the fantastic prints. I did not have babies at the time, so didn't think beyond how gorgeous the bright colours were and how adorable they looked on. Three babies later and my sister-in-law is once again bringing out her Wondersuit stash for her newborn baby. What fantastic hand-me-downs! Another huge reason I love them so much - sustainable baby wardrobe!

Fast forward 3 years to when I had my twins and I hold my hands up, I am obsessed with them (my babies and the Wondersuits! 😜.) My boys were wearing them within months of being welcomed them home from NICU (Neo Natal Intensive Care). Their first ones being hand-me-downs from my sister in law and I think to date they remain my favourite ones.

grey marle and absolute steel spot poodlette zip wondersuit

I vividly remember picking the babies outfits for the day with such joy, my go to was always the Wondersuits. It didn't matter if we were staying in that day or venturing out into the Dubai heat (the babies were born in Dubai as we lived there for 7 years). I look such pride in selecting their clothes and I loved doing it. I would lay the nappy, vest, Wondersuit, bib and muslin blanket out on the baby change table in neat piles - I loved dressing them and taking a million photos of any facial expression they made, while commenting “wow look at your outfit”. This is actually something I say to this day when I am getting the boys dressed, they look so pleased with themselves. Its so sweet.

With the ease of lockdown, we are out and about far more so the babies now only wear the Wondersuits as PJ’s. We do love the occasional pyjama day and then the boys will stay in them all day long. They are so comfy and whats really nice is now they are noticing what's in the prints and are pointing out the cars, tractors or animals.

While living in Dubai we took a number of holidays and hands down, Wondersuits are the best for travelling. 1 complete comfy outfit, the hands and feet can fold over to keep fingers and toes warm, they can easily be layered if necessary and not to mention they make cute start of holiday snaps! We always received so many nice comments about the babies, to be honest, I don’t know if it was their outfits, being twins or two babies in matching outfits!

Once the babies were just over 1 year I finally transition them into cloth nappies. Another obsession of mine and something I've always wanted to use with the babies. #Clothbums as it's nicknamed in the cloth nappy community have a slightly bulkier fit than a regular disposable nappy, especially the night nappies. I found the few times that I had tried other brands, it was quite difficult to close the poppers or the material was stretched very tightly across the nappy area. Not once have I found this with the Wondersuits, they zip up and down easily, the stretch fabric is fantastic and it gives the babies such ease of movement. They have fold over socks giving the option of covered or bare feet. If you are a cloth bum mum like me, I highly recommend these onesies. (If you want to try two new baby items this year, then take the plunge and try both cloth nappies and bonds Wondersuits!)

Being a #PreemieMum its really important to me to factor in baby clothes, accessories and toys suitable for premature babies. I decided to select a few of the Wondersuits in newborn size, I’m sorry Tiny Baby wasn’t available.

I selected the newborn size based on personal experience with my twins who were born premature at 30 weeks. With my smallest baby I started using the Bonds Wondersuits in December 2018, when he was around 3 months and had been out of hospital for a month. The newborn size fits up to around 3kg but I found mine still fitted beyond that. So based on the weight your preemie will be discharged, I felt newborn would be a great starting size and give you a few months of usage before moving up a size. The newborn Wondersuits can be found on the Preemie page, a subsection of the clothes page on my website.

I have spoken a lot but I don’t think I have explained how this all came about. When living in Dubai I would place a big order at the start of the season - 2 of each design of course! I slowly moved on from just the Wondersuits to short sleeve Wondersuits, chesty suits, t shirts, leggings, shorts and swimsuits. Living in 24/7 sun made my baby wardrobe super easy to keep light and casual. There is a big following of Wondersuits in Dubai and many mums were asking friends and family to bring them over when returning from England on holiday. There is also big following of pre-loved Wondersuits, I actually managed to get a few from fellow twin mums. I noticed quickly that it would be great to sell them as the mum fan following was huge. I made a mental note that this was something I wanted to look into and make happen. A year later we had moved back to England and I still really wanted to be involved with Bonds in someway. I was still buying them for my babies, I even got my hands on a few of the padded Wondersuits for winter. Which were fantastic for the colder nights and I had never seen those living in Dubai.

While back in England I didn’t find it as easy to get hold of Bonds and I really didn’t want to go back to popper onesies or other brands that I had tried. While shopping I often found my desired size was out of stock or the quantity I needed was not available. Again this rang a bell about my desire to sell them, lockdown gave me time to reach out to Bonds, put everything to place and begin bringing them to you. I am so happy about it and really exciting to be sharing a brand that tried and tested I absolutely love. I would pick them over and over again. I have recommended them to countless parents and will continue too. I think they are fantastic and I am positive you will love them as much as my family does.

There are many styles and patterns to choose from, so please reach out to me should you need any help with sizes or advice on colours, print etc. I am always happy to help and would love to assist you on your journey.

We are stocking Wondersuits and leggings in sizes newborn through to size 3 which fits up to 3 years old. Prices start from £11, the website is open for pre-orders and these will all be available for delivery from the first week of September.

You can reach me via the contact from on the website: www.dimplesbabyboutique.com

On Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/dimplesbabyboutique/

On Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dimplesbabyboutique/

Or via email: dimplesbabyboutique@gmail.com

I am signing off with a massive smile on my face and I am really excited to see your reaction to the new collection. Happy Shopping!

Thank for reading.

Nadia xx

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