Zip Wondersuits 

This page has fast become a personal favourite of mine. I am a mum to two premature babies - twin boys who were born at 30 weeks. Once they were out of NICU and home, I found many of the outfits I had pre-bought were still to big. On one side that was great as I could use them further down the line but on the other side I wanted clothes to fit my babies nicely and not swamp them. As a trial I ordered Bonds newborn wondersuits, my babies had been out of the hospital for about 2 months at this point.

They fit my smallest baby perfectly, the cosy cuff fold over mitten was great for preventing them scratching themselves and each other. It also kept them nice and warm. With numerous nappy changes at all times of the day and night, the double zip was a life saviour. They are nice and stretchy - great for cloth nappy parents  (like myself) and due to the stretch I found they always lasted that bit longer.  

I felt very passionate about supplying  a range of preemie outfits and while these are not tiny baby size, I do feel they will fit a newly welcomed home preemie baby really well. They will fit your baby up to 3 kg and around 58cm in length.